Chicago Board of Education Votes to Remove Resource Officers from City Schools

The Chicago Board of Education voted unanimously last week to remove school resource officers from Chicago Public Schools.

Plato on How Democracies Collapse: “The manner of life is that of democrats … Every man does what is right in his own eyes”...

Plato was a Greek philosopher who lived in the city-state of Athens. In 380 B.C., Plato wrote The Republic, where he described in Books 8 and 9: "States are as the...

University of Michigan’s Diversity Spending Increased 66% in One Year

The University of Michigan’s (UM) spending on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) increased 66% in one school year.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Publishes Satanic Abortion Ceremony

Cosmopolitan Magazine published an article about a satanic abortion clinic named after Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, called Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic.

National Security Agency Creates Woke Glossary

The National Security Agency (NSA) published a glossary providing definitions of terms used in "dialogue regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice."

New York Times Excuses Song Calling for White Genocide

The New York Times published an article excusing the song "Kill the Boer."

China Is ‘Rewriting the Bible’ to ‘Sinicize’ Religion: Rep. Gallagher

"The PRC rulers are doomed to lose," says Gallagher.

The People’s Right to Shake Off Tyranny

In the throes of an oppressive rule, when the colonial yoke grew unbearably heavy, our forefathers penned a revolutionary idea in the annals of human history—the right of the people to reject a despotic government.

China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’: Unveiling the Modern-Day Colonialism Ignored by Anti-Colonialists and Leftists

In an era that prides itself on championing social justice and opposing imperialism, it is disheartening to witness the lack of scrutiny towards China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Los Angeles LGBT Center Advertises ‘All-Ages Drag March’ Scheduled For Easter Sunday

The Los Angeles LGBT Center is advertising an "all-ages Drag March" scheduled to be held on Easter Sunday.

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