Christian parents launch legal action over transgender guidance for primary schools

Christian parents are taking legal action against the government over transgender guidelines being used in primary schools nationwide.

‘God’s Not Dead’ series seeks new life with timely tale of homeschoolers standing up to government

The latest installment in the Christian film series revives the feisty spirit of the original, which grossed a stunning $60 million.

Christian Schools Vastly Outperforming Public Schools Amid Pandemic

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Christian education shined.

Number of Families Homeschooling Soars as Parents Find Their Kids Performed Well at Home

As many schools across the country prepare to reopen this year, the number of parents opting to homeschool their children has surged in the wake of COVID-19 school lockdowns.

Homeschooling on the rise amid COVID-19 pandemic

Because of the pandemic, more people have tried homeschooling and no longer want to send their children to the traditional schools.

Opinions On Homeschooling Have Changed During The Pandemic

Far from what the loudest voices on social media seem to say, the pandemic has made people more favorable to homeschooling, not less.

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