Watchdog Says HHS Management of COVID Gain-of-Function Research ‘Does Not Fully Meet Key Elements of Effective Oversight’

HHS oversight of gain-of-function research “does not fully meet key elements of effective oversight" and "fell short in terms of transparency and performing reviews."

Biden Admin. Appoints Doctor Who Says Obesity Is ‘Genetic’ To Dietary Guideline Committee

President Joe Biden’s administration appointed Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, who claimed obesity was mostly genetic and not primarily driven by diet or exercise, to the Biden administration’s 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

Biden Extends COVID-19 Health Emergency Declaration

In September 2022, Biden said, "The pandemic is over."

Joe Biden Is Trying to Force Christian Doctors to Kill Babies in Abortions

Joe Biden is such a “devout Catholic,” that he wants to force Christian doctors to kill babies in abortions.

How COVID Vaccines Cause Cancer

Antibodies are studied more than other immune proteins for association with disease.

Republicans Release ‘Unclassified’ Report Tying COVID Origins to China’s Biological Weapons Research

Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday released an "unclassified" summary of their report on the origins of COVID-19, accusing the U.S. Intelligence Community of withholding important information and calling for an investigation into U.S. funding of Chinese researchers.

Oversight Committee Chair to Investigate COVID Origins, Interview Fauci and Government Officials

Republican James Comer (KY), incoming Oversight Committee Chair, alongside Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated the committee's intentions to investigate the beginnings of Covid.

Biden Cabinet Member Uses Taxpayer-Funded Private Jets to Travel Despite Call to Curb Carbon Emissions

The cost of the private flights is unknown, but the FAA reportedly charges federal agencies $5,000 per hour.

Federal Court Blocks Biden Rule Forcing Christian Doctors to Perform Sex Change Operations

Federal appeals court permanently blocks rule from Biden admin's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) requiring religious doctors to violate their beliefs to perform sex change surgeries.

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