Beijing Olympics

N.B.A. Denies Enes Kanter Freedom Blackballed by League for Criticizing China

Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, says Enes Kanter Freedom was never blackballed from the league for speaking out about human rights issues.

World Economic Forum Pushes for ‘Global Economy’ Modeled After China

"Great Reset"-pushing World Economic Forum praises China's "advanced" economy and its "promising forecasts."

NBC Olympics Ratings Tank

The fool’s gold medal for the least-watched Winter Olympics goes to NBC.

The War Party Wants a New Cold War, and the Money that Comes with It

In perhaps the most predictable column of the year, the Wall Street Journal this week featured a column by Walter Russell Mead declaring it's "Time to Increase Defense Spending."

Ukrainian Olympian Flashes ‘No War in Ukraine’ Sign After Competing

"It’s my position. Like any normal people, I don’t want war."

China Sees ‘Multiculturalism’ as a Disease That Has Denigrated U.S.: Department of Defense Report

DOD Report states China sees multiculturalism as an illness overtaking the United States and causing decline.

China Violating Hockey Player’s ‘Human Rights,’ Says Coach

Finland men's ice hockey team coach accused China of not respecting a player's human rights on Sunday as complaints about COVID-19 isolation protocols piled up at the Winter Games.

Viral Video Captures the Moment Chinese Authorities Physically Drag Away Reporter During Olympics Live Shot

A Dutch reporter was physically manhandled and forced off the air during a live shot as he covered the Beijing Olympics.

Western Olympic Athletes Warned Not to Speak About China’s Alleged Human Rights Violations

Athletes were briefed at a seminar by the Human Rights Watch where they were warned about speaking out about human rights issues while in Beijing.

‘Hit Them Where It Hurts’: Persecution Watchdogs’ Pressing Call for American Christians to Boycott the Beijing Olympics

A persecution watchdog is calling on American Christians to step up pressure on China and to boycott the Beijing Olympics, citing China’s “ongoing history of human rights abuses.”

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