Sen. Cotton Demands Release of Cocaine Location in White House West Wing Amid Security Concerns

Amid ongoing investigations into the discovery of cocaine in the West Wing of the White House, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) sent a letter to...

300 Unmarked Absentee Ballots from 2020 Election Found in Michigan Storage Unit

Following this discovery, the ballots were audited by the Michigan secretary of state's office, with the findings accessible only through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Republicans Fiscally Irresponsible Act

"Perhaps a future Congress will introduce legislation that actually begins to cut back on the size and scope of government called the Fiscal Irresponsibility Act!"

Carter’s Now Selling LGBTQ Apparel: Manufacturer Accused of Slave Labor

“There is a strong suspicion of collusion between the management and the police in the registration of the criminal cases and arrests of migrant workers,” said the All India Lawyers Association for Justice.

Tim Scott’s Presidential Campaign May Be Affected by His Response to Pandemic Policies, Masks

Senator Tim Scott's (R-SC) 2024 presidential campaign may be affected by his previous COVID-19 responses.

IRS Expands Armed Tax Agent Force Nationwide with New Funding

This move comes as the Biden administration dedicates $80 billion in new funding to enhance tax law enforcement.

Watchdog Warns Post-Election Audits May Validate Fraud Rather Than Detect It

"None of those audits can catch the type of improper election management that happened in 2020," says director of The Amistad Project Phill Kline.

Arizona Senate Settles Lawsuit Over Withheld Records in 2020 Election Audit

Some documents apparently remain unreleased.

Iowa Stops Paying for Rape Victims’ Abortions

The Iowa Attorney General's Office has stopped paying for emergency contraception, including abortions, for victims of sexual assault.

De-Banked: Jan. 6 Defendants Get ‘Terrorist’ Treatment Over Minor Crimes

People prosecuted for low-level felonies and misdemeanors such as trespassing and disorderly conduct for their involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the U.S. Capitol say they have been blacklisted by banks and shut out of social media fundraising services.

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