Steve Garvey Heading to Runoff Against Adam Schiff: ‘California Comeback’

Former Major League Baseball player Steve Garvey will face California Democratic Representative Adam Schiff for the Senate seat that was held by Dianne Feinstein.

Garvey came in second behind Schiff, beating Democrats Katie Porter and Barbara Lee, and will now head to the general election.

The Republican told his supporters, “Let’s celebrate. Welcome to the California comeback.”

“You’ve exercised the most powerful of our freedoms; that is our right to vote,” he added. “I’ve always said this: It is the single greatest currency we have. You can’t trade it; you can’t give it away. It’s inherently yours; it’s your personal choice. Your vote is your shared belief with me that California is no longer the heartbeat of America. Sadly, it’s just a murmur.”

“That we have challenges to face up to like closing the border and responsibilities to live up to like helping the homeless off the streets and a pathway back to their dignity. And if we do those things and more our best days will be ahead of us, with California once again being that vibrant heartbeat of America.”

“Let me ask you: If you believe that our wide-open border has been a humanitarian and national security catastrophe, then join our campaign. If you’re struggling to pay bills at your kitchen table and only buying $10 of gas instead of 10 gallons, then come join us,” Garvey declared. “If you’re embarrassed by the state and federal government’s failure to address the heartbreaking and endless plight of the homeless, come join our campaign.”

“If you’re frightened by the brazen crime that runs rampant in our cities because of those who have turned their back on our police, then join our campaign. If you’re tired of career politicians that worry more about their next job in Washington, then your next job here in California, you join our campaign. And if you’re concerned that our foreign policy shows weakness and not strength to our adversaries and allies, then please join our campaign.”

Garvey and Schiff are running in two Senate elections, a special election for the rest of the late Feinstein’s term, and a general election for a six-year Senate term.

The state of California has not elected a Republican to a U.S. Senate seat since 1988.