Senator Graham Calls for DOJ Probe into Pro-Palestinian Campus Protests

Senator Lindsey Graham criticized pro-Palestinian student protesters during an appearance on Fox News’ Jesse Watters Primetime, describing them as either “dumb—–” or “terrorist sympathizers.” Graham categorized the protesters into these two groups amid ongoing demonstrations at universities regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“I think the Department of Justice needs to investigate where the money is coming from,” Graham stated, highlighting what he views as two distinct categories among the demonstrators. “There’s two classes of people here. Anti-Semites: If you say, ‘We are Hamas,’ and you mean it, then you are a religious Nazi,” the senator continued. “If you say, ‘We are Hamas,’ and you don’t know what Hamas is all about, you are a dumb—.”

Graham also expressed his belief that if Donald Trump were president, university administrations would face pressure to address these protests. “Here’s what I can promise you, if Donald Trump were president of the United States, his attorney general would be all over this, these college presidents would be under the gun to stop this crap.”

During the interview, Graham and Watters discussed recent campus protests related to the Gaza crisis, with Watters agreeing with Graham’s sentiments about the protesters.