Sen. Cotton Urges Biden to Protect Jewish Students Amid Anti-Israel Protests

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas asserted that President Joe Biden has a “duty” to safeguard Jewish students on New York City college campuses amid rising anti-Israel demonstrations, calling out law enforcement and local officials for perceived inaction.

Anti-Israel protests at NYU led to a walkout on Tuesday following a night of violent clashes resulting in over 100 arrests. Videos captured demonstrators hurling bottles at NYPD officers dispatched to manage the tumultuous scene.

Similar unrest at Columbia University led to the cancellation of in-person classes due to safety concerns for students.

During an appearance on “America Reports” on Tuesday, Cotton pressed the NYPD to exercise its “obligation” and “right” to enforce the law on university campuses and ensure citizen safety.

Cotton contended that if neither Mayor Eric Adams nor Governor Kathy Hochul would intervene to protect Jewish students, Biden must take decisive action.

“Joe Biden has a duty to protect these Jewish students,” Cotton asserted to Fox News’ Sandra Smith. “These are scenes like you’ve seen out of 1930s in Germany that should never be witnessed or tolerated here in America, in 2024.”

Despite pressure, Hochul has resisted deploying the National Guard to quell the anti-Israel protests on campus.

Cotton additionally urged the Biden administration to revoke visas and deport foreign students participating in disruptive demonstrations.

“Any of these students who are foreigners, here on visas, should immediately have their visas revoked by the Biden administration and promptly deported,” Cotton stated. “They have no right to be here, they certainly have no right to be here spewing antisemitic and anti-Israel filth.”

Questioning the funding behind these protests, Cotton urged the Department of Justice to investigate.

“They don’t look just spontaneous to me, when they are sitting out there in $500 camping tents,” Cotton remarked.

Cotton and other Republican senators sent a letter on Tuesday urging the Biden administration to address escalating antisemitism on college campuses and prosecute those responsible for violence against Jewish students.

Biden faced criticism for his remarks on Monday regarding the anti-Israel protests, with accusations of equivocation after he told reporters, “I condemn the antisemitic protests. That’s why I have set up a program to deal with that. I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians.”