Sean Feucht Leads Israel March at Columbia University

On April 25, worship leader and political activist Sean Feucht led a “United for Israel March” at Columbia University.

Joining him were author Eric Metaxas and Pastor Russell Johnson of The Pursuit Church in Seattle.

The march comes as U.S. university students have engaged in pro-Palestine demonstrations.

“It’s time to take a stand against the rampant anti-semitism that is plaguing our nation,” Feucht wrote on X. “Columbia has been taken over by radical Pro-Hamas protestors.”

“They were expecting 200-500 people and what showed up was thousands of people coming into the streets and marching in support of the people of Israel, a reporter said.

Feucht told CBN News that Americans should be “absolutely horrified at what we’re seeing take place right now on these university campuses that have become hotbeds for antisemitism and hatred of the Jews — an annihilation of an entire nation.”

He described that the march was a “response to that and it’s rallying the church, it’s rallying Jewish leaders, it’s rallying organizations that want to say … ‘This is America. These are our universities and campuses in our cities. We’re not going to stand for this.’”