Sacramento Passes Resolution to Become Sanctuary City for Transgender People

California’s Sacramento City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution making the city a “sanctuary city for transgender people.”

The resolution reads, “California has been a leader in protecting the rights of transgender individuals to access care, but many states across the nation are moving in the opposite direction. In preparation of future legislation that may criminalize those providing or seeking gender-affirming care and given the Council’s stated values of equity and inclusion, it is important for the City of Sacramento to be proactive in reiterating our commitment to transgender rights and equal protections for transgender people by declaring ourselves a sanctuary city and a place of safety for transgender people.”

“This resolution would also resolve to ensure the rights of transgender individuals in Sacramento are upheld, and that no city resources – including staff time – would be used to detain individuals seeking care, or otherwise to cooperate with jurisdictions seeking to enforce laws criminalizing gender-affirming care in other jurisdictions.”

The vote followed a recognition of “Transgender Week of Visibility.”

Councilmember Kate Valenzuela celebrated the resolution, sharing on X, “Tonight, as we recognize Transgender Week of Visibility in the City of Sacramento, I was honored to introduce a resolution to declare Sacramento a Sanctuary City for Transgender People in partnership with DSA Sacramento. This resolution was supported by a myriad of organizations and was unanimously approved by my colleagues.”

Valenzuela added that Sacramento’s resolution sends a “powerful signal to everyone in our community that we are a safe place for everyone.”

Those who drafted the resolution are connected to the Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

Leading up to the vote, Sacramento DSA encouraged individuals to “come out and ensure the city passes the sanctuary city resolution.”