Robert De Niro Joins Biden Campaign, Criticizes Trump in New Ad

Robert De Niro, long a vocal critic of Donald Trump, has lent his distinctive voice to a new official campaign ad for Joe Biden, targeting the credibility of the former president, who is currently embroiled in a trial related to an alleged hush-money scandal.

The ad, endorsed by the Biden-Harris campaign, opens with the 80-year-old Oscar-winning actor listing various controversial actions taken by Trump during his presidency. “From midnight tweets to suggesting bleach as a cure, to tear-gassing citizens for a photo op, we knew Trump was out of control when he was president,” De Niro says.

The commercial continues, stating, “Then, he lost the 2020 election and snapped.” De Niro, who does not appear on camera, narrates that Trump’s actions post-election reveal a desperate attempt to retain power, warning that Trump poses a threat to democracy and the Constitution.

“Trump wants revenge,” De Niro asserts towards the end of the ad. “He’ll stop at nothing to get it.” The spot concludes with Biden’s voice saying, “I’m Joe Biden, and I approved this message.”

Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Biden’s campaign chair, emphasized the ad’s purpose in a memo reported by the New York Times: “We will ensure that voters remember the chaos and harm Trump caused as president and why he was voted out four years ago.”

Following the ad’s debut, De Niro made a public appearance Tuesday morning outside a Manhattan courtroom, prior to the closing arguments in Trump’s trial. Entertainment Weekly has reached out to Trump’s representatives for a response.

De Niro’s participation in the campaign ad, which began airing nationwide on May 24, follows a recent incident where he was censored for using profanity while criticizing Trump on The View.

During the broadcast, De Niro’s audio was cut after he made explicit remarks about Trump’s intentions for the country. A representative for De Niro later confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the actor had used strong language on the live show.