Retired NYPD Officer Assaulted in ‘Knockout Game’ Attack: ‘Anyone Can Be a Victim’

One retired NYPD officer is warning the public that “anyone can be a victim at any time” after being punched by attackers in broad daylight.

  • Retired NYPD officer Harvey Kraft warned that “anyone can be a victim at any time” after he was punched in broad daylight down a Brooklyn street.
  • “I think they all have to do a better job in keeping the citizenry of New York City safe and put the citizens first instead of the perceived rights and priority of the criminals,” Kraft told TV host Carley Shimkus.
  • “Because how many times do you see people are repeat offenders, and they have rap sheets that could fill up the yellow pages, they’re apprehended, the police are doing their job. It’s their job to enforce the law and to apprehend the suspects,” he continued. “If you don’t have safety in the city, what good is anything else?”
  • The so-called ‘knockout game’ is part of a social media challenge that encourages suspects to knock out innocent bystanders with just one punch.

“It’s amazing the audacity they have and the boldness,” Kraft said. “And an afternoon on a crowded street, almost 1:00 in the afternoon. It just shows you that anyone can be a victim at any time, day or night, and you have to be constantly on guard.”

  • In March 2022, Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams said that his city has become a “laughingstock” after one of the worst crime spikes in modern history, American Faith reported.
  • “Anything goes in the city of New York,” Adams said at the time. “The most important city on the globe has become the laughingstock of the globe. And the dysfunctionality of our city has cascaded throughout the entire country.”
  • During the month of Feb 2022, New York City experienced a 58.7% rise in overall crime compared to the same period in 2021, according to NYPD statistics. Robbery increased by 56%, grand larceny increased by almost 80%, and grand auto larceny rose 104.7%, while shootings decreased by 1.3%, NYPD continued.