Republican Congressional Candidate Installs Barbed Wire at Border

Kate Monroe, a Republican Congressional candidate from California, traveled to a gap in the U.S. border and installed barbed wire.

The “San Judas Break,” located near San Diego, is an infamous spot for illegal border crossings.

“All right guys, we’re standing right now at the spot that’s been all over the news. A lot of people have come out here to film this hole in the wall. No one has yet to come and secure this hole in the fence,” Monroe said in a video shared to X. “If you want something done, sometimes you got to do it yourself.”

“What good is a wall if you can walk right around the corner of the wall? I’m standing in America right now,” she said. The video showed her moving around a corner. “And now I’m standing in Mexico.”

“I’m going to cross back over. I’d be super cool if you could pick me up. I’d like my free health care. I’d like my plane ticket, my new clothes, my lunch, my cell phone. America, you’re being gaslit,” she stated. “We do not have a secure border.”

Warning: The video below may contain foul language.

Monroe told Fox News, “I felt the anger and frustrations of millions of fellow Americans watching in horror as thousands of people poured through,” adding that the gap allows “terrorists, drugs, and human trafficking to infiltrate while local and national city economies bear the burden of supporting these migrants.”

“So I decided, if no one is going to do something about it, I will,” Monroe, who lives about 50 miles from the gap in her home district, said. “I purchased 400 feet of razor wire, and along with members of my staff, hung the wire along the gaps ourselves.”

Chinese migrants are increasingly pouring through the San Judas Break. Earlier this month, Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin wrote on X, “More than 20,000 Chinese nationals have now been encountered by CBP in FY’24 so far. For perspective, there were only 450 Chinese encountered in all of FY’21.”