Reporter Shares Disdain for ‘Christian Nationalist’ Belief in God-Given Rights

Politico reporter Heidi Przybyla appeared on MSNBC, claiming that the beliefs of “Christian nationalists” are a problem, namely, their belief that rights come from God.

“The one thing that unites all of them … as Christian nationalists – not Christians by the way, because Christian nationalist is very different – is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don’t come from any earthly authority. They don’t come from Congress. They don’t come to the Supreme Court. They come from God.”

She added that “men” are “determining what God is telling them,” which is to stand against abortion, gay marriage, and other progressive issues.

Przybyla’s statements were met with widespread criticism.

“What the state gives the state can take away,” wrote Jordan B. Peterson. “What God gives the state takes at its moral peril. Sincerely, The prophets of old.”

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) said, “Imagine believing your rights come ‘from Congress.’”

Theology professor Andrew T. Walker called the reporter’s ideas a “civics failure, a talent failure, an intelligence failure, a historical failure, an ethics failure.”

“Shall I keep going?” he added.

Przybyla attempted to explain her comments on X, writing, “While there are different wings of Christian Nationalism, they are bound by their belief that our rights come from God. If you are Hindu, Jewish etc, this might help you understand the next part of my point, which is they are using this for a man-made policy agenda.”

“[W]hich distinguishes this from other Christians who leave these God-given rights at our inherent right to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” — vs banning abortion, contraception etc,” she continued.