Ratings For Grammys Reached Near All-Time Low Viewership

The ratings for the Grammy Awards nearly reached an all-time low in viewership this year, trailing right behind the Oscars.

  • The 64th annual Grammys attracted 8.93 million viewers this year, while in comparison the 2020 show earned around 18.7 million.
  • This year’s show was a mere 4% increase from 2021, which set a record for the lowest viewed Grammys to date.
  • Live television viewership may be declining due in part to consumers moving to streaming video platforms and possibly means the audiences that award shows once enjoyed will steadily decline in the future.
  • Other award shows including the Oscars, Critics Choice Awards and SAG Awards have all yet to return to pre-pandemic levels.
  • The low ratings come amidst a new era of groups such as N2 America calling out the hypocrisy among celebrities and the Hollywood elite over the COVID pandemic.
  • “Kids are locked out of school, locked out of learning, locked out of their childhood. Celebrities and media personalities and hypocritical politicians are partying like it’s 2019,” the group recently tweeted.
  • During last year’s Oscars, celebrities did not have to wear masks while the cameras were rolling, but were forced to wear them during commercial breaks.