Princeton Students End Hunger Strike

Princeton students have ended their hunger strike after 10 days.

In an update on social media, students wrote, “Princeton Gaza Solidarity Encampment Update: Due to health concerns of the 13 strikers who fasted for 9 days, the first hunger strike wave ended, and the second wave has begun. In the tradition of rotary hunger strikes, Seven new strikers are indefinitely fasting for a free Palestine.”

Two days after launching the hunger strike, students said they were “starving” and were “physically exhausted.”

Students also said they were “immunocompromised.”

Last weekend, Princeton faculty members joined with hunger-striking students for a 24-hour fast to demand that the university stop economic ties with Israel.

One associate professor said “the students have simply done what they were told to do,” while another professor declared, “Our students are putting their bodies on the line to try to affect change, and teaching them how to affect change is what we do as educators.”