Pew Study Reveals Surge in Young Republicans

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, “young people appear to be flocking to the Republican Party.” The National Public Opinion Reference Survey, which was made public on Tuesday, indicates that Americans under thirty favor the Republican Party. This comes after decades of brainwashing by leftists in politics, entertainment, and education. 

According to Newsweek, 47% of respondents said they were Republicans or inclined toward them, while only 46% said they had a preference for the Democratic Party. This is based on data collected between February 1 and June 10 from 5,626 adult Americans who answered questionnaires.

“In recent decades, neither party has had a sizable advantage, but the Democratic Party has lost the edge it maintained from 2017 to 2021,” Pew said in their analysis. The analysis found that among black voters, “17% of Black voters under 50 identify as or lean Republican, compared with just 7% of Black voters 50 and older.”

The New York Times Chief Political Analyst, Nate Cohn, mentioned that the poll was “important because it’s used as a ‘benchmark’ — its results are used as targets for weighting by other polls.” He continued, “By subgroup, the headline is age: NPORS found the GOP ahead on leaned party ID among 18 to 29 year olds, even though the sample was Biden+20 on 2020 recall vote. The sample size is fairly large (n=496) and it hasn’t shown anything like this in previous cycles.”

“Uhhhhh…. one odd tidbit from the Pew NPORS: respondents under 26 that are registered to vote are almost R +30,” said Harvard professor and political scientist Matt Blackwell. 

Although these are not the first signs that younger Americans are moving more to the right, Pew, which is mostly believed by the wokerati faction that consumes New York Times, NPR, and other media, as a reliable source. According to surveys released in May, younger Americans were beginning to choose Trump over Biden. In an attempt to agitate Democrats, The Washington Post and NPR tried to draw attention to this problem.