One Dead, Many Injured In Massive Ohio Metal Plant Explosion

One person has died and twelve have been injured after a metal plant in Ohio caught fire Monday afternoon.

  • An explosion at a metal plant in Bedford, Ohio Monday afternoon has left one dead and many injured.
  • Residents around the Bedford area also reported debris falling from miles away.
  • “We are located directly across the street. It destroyed cars in our parking lot. Massive debris hit our roof and knocked things off shelves. Smoldering steel and concrete everywhere. Like a volcano erupted,” one resident tweeted.
  • Oakwood Fire Department responded to the scene, later reporting that 13 people were taken to the hospital due to injuries and later confirmed one 46-year-old man had died.

“Too many ‘coincidences’ happening one day after the next. Where are our ‘representatives’ in Congress and where is the President,” one user said.

  • The explosion comes a few weeks after the train derailment occurred just an hour away in East Palestine, Ohio, causing toxic chemicals to be released into the environment.
  • Former President Donald Trump announced he would be visiting the town in the coming days, saying the people in East Palestine need assistance.
  • “Biden and FEMA said they would not be sending federal aid to East Palestine. As soon as I announced that I’m going, he announced a team will go. Hopefully he will also be there. This is good news because we got them to ‘move.’ The people of East Palestine need help,” Trump said in a statement. “I’ll see you on Wednesday!”
  • President Biden is currently on a “surprise visit” to Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv, where he announced an additional half-billion dollars in U.S. assistance to support the country’s fight against Russia.
  • Republicans have criticized the president’s response to the train derailment while he spends time in a foreign country.