O’Keefe Media Group Uncovers ‘Second Most Powerful Person in Washington’

The O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) revealed that the individual behind the White House’s activities is Biden’s Chief of Staff, Jeff Zients.

Zients has been described as the “second most powerful person in Washington,” according to Tyler Robinson, a special advisor with the United States Small Business Administration (SBA).

Robinson revealed the information to an OMG undercover journalist.

“By getting Jeff’s sign-off, you’re getting the President to sign off,” Robinson said.

He explained that in some ways, Zients is more powerful than Vice President Kamala Harris, emphasizing that Zients is likely the most “powerful person in the White House” apart from Biden.

He added that SBA Administrator Isabel Guzman indirectly campaigns for Biden, a potential violation of the Hatch Act.

The Hatch Act limits the political activities of federal employees.

Robinson added that Biden also has a group of advisors that have “worked for him for 30 years,” including Ron Klain, Biden’s former Chief of Staff.

Other individuals in Biden’s inner circle are Steve Ricchetti and Anita Dunn, Gene Sperling, and Biden’s sister. These individuals, as well as Zients, are “really the ones running the show,” the undercover journalist confirmed.

Dunn is connected to the Democratic consulting firm SKDK.

Robinson revealed that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are also involved in the White House.

“I feel like Bacak Obama’s still very involved,” the journalist said, to which Robinson responded, “No, he is.”

Clinton has “people that are like super close to her that are still like senior people in the White House,” Robinson noted.

When asked who Clinton communicates with, Robinson said, “Probably Neera Tanden,” the Director of the Domestic Policy Council.