NY Times Writer Says Media Coverage of Ukraine is ‘Racist’

New York Times journalist claims that the media covering Ukraine depicts “incidents of insidious racism.”

  • The author of the 1619 Project and NY Times writer, Nikole Hannah-Jones, said that the coverage of Ukraine is racist, claiming that there is interest because of “Europeans with blond hair and blue eyes,” Fox News reported.
  • “Every journalist covering Ukraine should really, really look internally,” Hannah-Jones said Sunday. “This is why I say we should stop pretending we have objectivity and instead acknowledge our biases so that we can report against them. Many of us see the racialized analysis and language.”
  • Hannah-Jones also noted that the coverage justifies a lack of attention in nonwhite countries.

“And honestly, these admissions of shock that this is happening in a European country are ahistorical and also serve to justify the lack of sympathy for other invasions, other occupations and other refugee crisis involving peoples not considered white.”

  • The journalist, often criticized for her tweets that she has later deleted, was named to TIME‘s list of the “100 most influential people” in 2021.
  • Her 1619 Project, despite granting her a Pulitzer Prize, has also been called a distortion of reality from historical events surrounding the civil war.
  • Hannah-Jones stated in Dec. 2021 that the American people will not “willfully” work to confront the “anti-Blackness” in society, and said that they have been “taught the history of a country that does not exist.”