Newsmax Host Bolling Takes Aim at Biden’s Salad Handling

In a segment on Newsmax, host Eric Bolling expressed incredulity over President Joe Biden’s manner of eating salad at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, calling it out as a lack of capability.

“Here’s the president of the United States, the man with the nuclear codes at his fingertips, grappling with a bowl of lettuce,” Bolling remarked on Monday’s broadcast. “He can barely feed himself. Just watch this for a second. This isn’t slowed down, this isn’t edited, this is Joe trying to eat a bite of salad. Just watch. Look. That’s the president. That’s the president of the United States! The man who’s gonna push back on Russia, China, North Korea. Are you kidding me?! He can’t even take a bite of his own salad. This man’s not suited for the job for four more minutes, let alone four more years.”