New York Appeals Court Denies Trump’s Bid to Lift Gag Order

Trump’s attempt to challenge a gag order in Alvin Bragg’s case was rejected by a New York Appeals court on Tuesday, following the jury’s guilty decision.

President Trump requested that the gag order be lifted by the court “because the trial has concluded.”

Earlier this month, Matthew Colangelo, Biden’s DOJ hatchet man, requested that Merchan maintain the gag order in order to “avoid threats to the fairness of the trial itself.”

Prosecutors for Alvin Bragg requested that Judge Juan Merchan uphold Trump’s gag order despite the fact that a jury found him guilty of receiving “hush money.”

Trump’s appeal was denied by the New York Supreme Court “because no significant constitutional question is directly involved.”

The ruling maintains the validity of Trump’s gag order, which prevents him from discussing the jury, witnesses, and any parties associated with the Manhattan Supreme Court case.

Additionally, Trump’s attorneys have requested that Merchan lift the gag order.