NBC Reporter Suspended After Contradicting Mainstream Pelosi Attack Narrative

NBC News has since pulled the conflicting report by correspondent Miguel Almaguer.

  • Almaguer reported that Paul Pelosi opened the door for police, walked back into the house, and was then attacked by David DePape.
  • Pelosi did not appear to be distressed when answering the door.
  • The report stated Pelosi “did not immediately declare an emergency or leave his home,” but “walked several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from the police.”
  • NBC News has not released a public statement explaining why the report was false.
  • Instead, unknown “people at the network” claimed the story was inaccurate.
  • Footage of the report has since been deleted on Twitter and made private on YouTube, although copies of the story are still available.
  • Almaguer is undergoing an internal investigation for his story that “inflamed right-wing conspiracy theories.”
  • The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office have differing accounts of the event that unfolded at the Pelosi residence.
  • NBC Bay Area claimed they spoke with an unidentified source who “personally viewed body camera video recorded by officers responding to the Pelosi’s San Francisco home,” which showed Pelosi opening the door with his left hand.
  • The DOJ, however, says “two officers” opened the door, according to a federal indictment.
  • Fox News writes that DePape and Pelosi were “jointly gripping the hammer” before police ordered it to be dropped.
  • DePape then wrestled for the hammer, seemingly in police presence, before hitting Pelosi on the head.
  • Before the midterm elections, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said her decision on retirement “would be affected” by the attack.
  • NBC also pulled a story reporting Paul Pelosi to have said “everything’s good” to officers who first arrived on scene, and claimed the article “did not meet NBC News reporting standards.”