‘Midnight in America’: Biblical Prophecy for the Modern Church

American Faith founder and author Phil Hotsenpiller appeared on The Eric Metaxas Radio Show to discuss his new book, Midnight in America.

“Where is America in biblical narrative?” Hotsenpiller asked. “That question really has never been answered very well.”

Midnight in America takes readers through the biblical prophetic clock from “the time when Israel is dispersed and then move forward through prophetic events like when Israel became a nation, the Great Deportation of Jews, dispersia around the world,” Hotsenpiller explained, noting that six prophetic events have been fulfilled, and only three remain.

Hotsenpiller explained that modern events parallel biblical narratives.

Discussing the atrocities that occurred on October 7, Hotsenpiller said, “If you want to connect Gaza, that ties you back to the Philistines when they captured Samson.”

The temple where Samson was taken was known for pagan worship and idolatry.

“What’s interesting about that is they were celebrating all these pagan gods – the music festival that was happening where the attack took place – it was basically the same thing. They were celebrating all these pagan gods,” Hotsenpiller explained, adding that the drugs present at the event point to paganism.

God’s judgment may come from a foreign source, he noted. “I’m not saying that it was a God-caused thing, I’m just saying that it’s an interesting connection that whenever idolatry came into the land, God would bring a foreign people.”

One of the most significant prophetic events is the arrival of the red heifer.

Since 70 AD, the Jews had not had a sacrificial system. “Now, they come back into the land in 1948, now the prophetic clock begins to tick,” Hotsenpiller stated. “One of the things on that clock is a rebuilt temple.”

The ashes of a red heifer will be used to purify the temple and resume the sacrificial system. Jews will return to a “system of Old Testament sacrifice” during the Tribulation, the author said.

Midnight in America also discusses the progression of a one-world government.

“One-world government was introduced in the Bible in Genesis chapters 10 and 11 with a man by the name of Nimrod who formed the first human kingdom called Babylon. Babylon was more than a geographical location, it was also a spiritual and mental mindset,” Hotsenpiller said. This mindset persists throughout the Bible until it is judged in the Book of Revelation.

“There has always been this figure in history that imagined themself to be the one-world leader,” he explained, adding that the figure “had this vision of controlling everything.”

Hotsenpiller’s book urges American Christians to take action on their faith upon the unfolding of the prophetic timeline.

America needs more “blacksmiths,” he said. “When the Philistines took over Israel, they removed all the blacksmiths so they couldn’t make instruments of war, nor could they sharpen their instruments of agriculture.”

“One of our weapons is free speech,” he added. “If you can control free speech … and cancel First and Second Amendment rights, then you can do exactly what the Philistines did to Israel.”

As Midnight in America promises, readers will “confront their challenges, embrace their calling, and prepare for the imminent return of Christ.”

You can purchase the book here.