Meta-Analysis Shows Natural Immunity More Effective Than COVID Vaccination

The meta-analysis claims, “The level of protection against re-infection, symptomatic disease, and severe disease appears to be at least as durable, if not more so, than that provided by two-dose vaccination with the mRNA vaccines.”

  • A large-scale meta-analysis drew upon 65 studies from 19 different countries to research the protection natural immunity possesses against future reinfection of SARS-CoV-2 in comparison to protections from a vaccine.
  • The study, titled “Past SARS-CoV-2 infection protection against re-infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis,” found that past-infection immunity was high for the original Covid-19 strain as well as the Alpha, Beta, and Delta variants.
  • Natural immunity was not as effective against the Omnicron variant.
Image from The Lancet
  • The chart above describes the estimated percentage of natural immunity’s effectiveness against future infection.
  • Natural immunity is evidently more effective in safeguarding against future Covid-19 infection by almost 85%.
  • According to The Epoch Times, the protection offered by a prior infection “still stays above 25 percent 80 weeks after infection,” while the efficacy of the Moderna vaccine “drops to single digits 40 days after vaccination.”
Image from The Epoch Times, data from The Lancet
  • The meta-analysis concludes that the level of protection from past infection by variant and over time is “at least equivalent if not greater than that provided by two-dose mRNA vaccines.”
  • A study centered in Hong Kong suggests there is a greater virus rebound among fully-vaccinated individuals who received antiviral treatment.
Image from The Epoch Times, data from The Lancet
  • The antiviral Paxlovid is reportedly more effective in those who are not fully vaccinated for Covid-19. Fully-vaccinated individuals often experience a rebound illness ten days after receiving the drug.
  • Another drug, molnupiravir, did not appear to induce virus rebound, likely due to a different process used to stop the virus.
  • Fully-vaccinated California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) recently tested positive for Covid after returning from a personal trip to Mexico. This is the second time Newsom has been infected with the virus since receiving his May 2022 booster.
  • While sick in May, and days after receiving his booster shot, the governor was prescribed the antiviral drug Paxlovid.
  • Newsom’s press office said at the time, “Vaccinations and boosters remain the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19.”