Kennedy Jr.: Biden Poses ‘Worse Threat’ to Democracy Than Trump, Alleges Federal Agency Censorship

In a recent appearance on CNN, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. asserted that President Joe Biden posed a greater threat to democracy than former President Donald Trump, contending that Biden had “weaponized federal agencies” to censor political speech. Kennedy’s unexpected comments came during a discussion about his third-party campaign and the upcoming general election in November.

Kennedy argued that while Trump’s actions regarding the 2020 election results were concerning, Biden’s use of federal agencies to stifle political discourse represented a more significant danger to democratic principles. He cited his own legal battles against censorship, claiming that Biden began censoring him shortly after taking office, a move he labeled unprecedented in presidential history.

Despite acknowledging Trump’s alleged attempts to overturn election results, Kennedy emphasized that Biden’s actions, particularly regarding the First Amendment, were more alarming. He criticized Biden for denying him Secret Service protections, accusing the president of abusing his power for political gain.

Kennedy’s shift from running as a Democratic nominee to an independent candidate has raised concerns about potential impacts on both Biden and Trump’s electoral prospects. Trump, however, downplayed these concerns and even suggested that Kennedy’s candidacy could benefit him by drawing votes away from Biden. Additionally, there were reports that Trump had considered Kennedy as a potential running mate for his own 2024 presidential bid, although Kennedy reportedly declined the offer.