‘Jews Against Soros’ Launched to Criticize Democrat Megadonor

Originally published June 2, 2023 6:44 am PDT

The Jewish conservatives argue that speaking against George Soros is not antisemitic.

  • Two Jewish conservatives created a grassroots coalition of Jews against Democrat megadonor George Soros.
  • Senior Newsweek Editor Josh Hammer and Missouri Attorney General candidate Will Scharf launched the coalition, claiming that Jews Against Soros “will fight back against the common left-wing smear that opposition to Soros and his sprawling network of political organizations is antisemitic.”
  • “Attacking Soros for his influence on American politics to say nothing of his nefarious agenda in Israel itself, isn’t antisemitic,” the coalition’s announcement read.
  • The announcement continued, “It is simply a fact that Soros funds a huge proportion of the radical left in this country. And he must be stopped.”
  • The statement comes as many accuse critics Soros, who is Jewish, of being antisemitic, even though others purport that Soros-funded groups themselves take part in antisemitic activities.
  • In 2010, it was discovered that Soros funded the so-called “pro-Israel, pro-peace” group J Street.
  • J Street did not take action against anti-Israel ‘Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions’ (BDS) campaigns, although the organization claimed to oppose the matter.
  • A senior official at a national pro-Israel group told Free Beacon that J Street is “unfortunately part of the BDS problem. J Street U chapters reinforce BDS messages and false accusations against Israel to students who know little about these issues, but are inclined to trust a group that calls itself ‘pro-Israel.'”
  • The official continued, “J Street consistently seeks to blur the bright line between acceptable political activism and the anti-Semitic BDS movement.”
  • The Israeli government also issued a statement that noted that criticism of Soros was not antisemitic.
  • In 2017, foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said the left-wing billionaire “continuously undermines Israel’s democratically elected governments” and even claimed that Soros-backed organizations “defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself.”
  • Elon Musk was accused of making an antisemitic remark after he expressed his belief that Soros “hates humanity.”
  • Musk compared the billionaire to the comic character Magneto, who “fights to help mutants replace humans as the world’s dominant species,” according to the Magneto character bio.
  • When asked for clarification on his comment, Musk said, “I think that’s true. That’s my opinion.”