‘Jane’s Revenge’ Group Vandalizes Michigan Pro-Life Center

Jackson Right to Life’ in Jackson, Michigan has become the latest pro-life organization targeted by a pro-choice group over the past few weeks.

  • According to Executive Director Kathy Potts, Jackson Right to Life was destroyed by a group who refers to themselves as “Jane’s Revenge” two days before the historic overturn of Roe vs. Wade last week.
  • “We just have a viewpoint that differs from theirs, and the way they handle that is by these acts of violence,” Potts said. “I call it a hate crime.”
  • “We’re not going to submit to these radical acts of hate by these people. We do this because we love — we love life. We love unborn children. We love their mothers,” she added.

“…things are probably going to be a little difficult, for a lack of better words, and we will remain steadfast. We will not ever stop speaking for these unborn babies and their moms,” Potts said.

  • Jackson Right to Life aims to educate and advocate for women in crisis as well as offer prayer and counseling to expecting mothers.
  • “It’s so easy for women to be deceived,” Potts said. “And these people, these abortion clinics just prey on them — and of course, line their coffers. They make a lot of money.”
  • Potts went on to explain how her pro-life organization speaks with women about “why they feel they need this abortion.”
  • “Once you start breaking down the barriers of what the problem is, the problem isn’t the baby,” she said. “So we try to see what it is that’s going on in their life that we can help them with, and we’ll walk with them. We connect them with pregnancy resource centers.”