Israel Acts on Hostage Remains Intel, Raids Gaza Hospital

Israeli special forces conducted a raid on the largest hospital in southern Gaza on Thursday after receiving intelligence indicating that Hamas might be concealing the remains of hostages within the facility.

Israeli officials stated they possessed “credible intelligence” suggesting that Hamas had harbored Israeli hostages at the hospital following the Oct. 7 incident, and they suspected that remains might still be present. IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari described the operation as “limited” and emphasized that there were no plans to forcibly evacuate doctors or patients.

While it remains uncertain whether any remains were found, Israel reported that its forces apprehended several Hamas suspects who had been operating within the hospital.

The IDF informed Fox News Digital that it officially contacted the director of the Nasser Medical Center on Tuesday, demanding the immediate cessation of all Hamas terrorist activities within the hospital and the prompt evacuation of all Hamas terrorists.

“We have credible intelligence from multiple sources, including released hostages, indicating that Hamas held hostages at the Nasser hospital in Khan Yunis and that there may be bodies of our hostages in the Nasser hospital facility,” the IDF stated during the operation. “As evidenced by previous incidents at hospitals like Shifa, Rantisi, and Al Amal, Hamas consistently utilizes hospitals as centers for terrorist activities.”

A released hostage publicly stated last month that she and over two dozen others had been held captive at the Nasser Hospital.

Medical officials expressed concerns that many individuals within the hospital were unable to comply with evacuation orders due to their injuries. Lisa Macheiner of Doctors Without Borders, an aid group with staff in the hospital, remarked, “People are facing an impossible choice: remain at Nasser Hospital against Israeli military orders and risk becoming a target, or leave the compound into a perilous environment where bombings and evacuation orders are routine.”

Israel’s operation occurred shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans to proceed with an invasion of the Gaza-Egypt border town of Rafah. Netanyahu stated that the military would permit civilians seeking refuge in the city to depart before initiating “decisive action.”

The Biden administration declared that it would not endorse an Israeli invasion of Rafah unless Israel presented a clear strategy for safeguarding civilian lives.