Ireland Planning Lockdown Over Fuel Shortage

The Irish government may return to COVID-era lockdowns in the event of fuel shortages.

  • A news leak from the Irish Independent suggests Irish officials are planning severe stay-at-home orders as a response to fuel shortages.
  • Many have attributed the potential fuel shortage to the war in Ukraine, as countries worldwide are facing oppressive limits on fossil fuel chains simultaneous with Putin’s invasion of the country.
  • The government of Ireland recently held a “high-level planning exercise” wherein state officials advocated mandates mirroring those of COVID lockdowns.
  • These mandates include limits on “non-essential” travel, stay-at-home work orders, and fuel rationing.
  • While Ireland’s officials admitted this situation appears “highly unlikely,” CEO of Fuels for Ireland Kevin McPartlan claimed it was “prudent” to plan for such an event nonetheless.
  • The leak continued to describe the potential four-category distinction of individuals needing fuel, classifying them from “essential workers” to those making non-essential trips.
  • The proposed situation aims “to control the supply and distribution of diesel” via the Oil Emergency Allocation Scheme.
  • Germany recently found itself in an energy crisis with its reliance on Russian gas, causing financial distress for the country should Russia dismiss Germany from its fuel network. Russia had suspended fuel distribution to Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, and the Netherlands.
  • Italy has also attempted to separate itself from Russian energy sources, as the country is rationing air conditioning as a means of saving power.
  • Biden’s support of a Green New Deal has only caused drastic inflation, forcing a potential “systematic reset” of American economics.
  • Donald Trump emphasized the importance of US-energy independence during his White House tenure.