Immigrant Celebrates America in Video Message

An immigrant honored the American dream in a video shared on social media earlier this week.

“Soon it will be America’s 248 birthday. I came to America in 1976, which is America’s 200th birthday year,” the man said.

“Since then I start with the paper boy, then the bus boy at the restaurant. I save the money, and I open up the dry cleaners, and for 20 years, I sold dry cleaner, I build shopping plaza.”

He explained that while he may not speak English well, he “never gave up” learning the language.

“I came to America, I don’t know how to speak English, still don’t know how to speak English, but never give up learning English,” he said, adding, “And also, Mrs. Rice’s birthday is on July 4th and she got July 4th and American citizenship.”

“Thank you for America,” the man declared.

“As long as you work hard, you save money, for me, this is the best country in the world. I want to say thank you and Happy Birthday to America.”