Hundreds of Students Baptized at Leading Florida Party School

Hundreds of students were baptized last week at Florida State University, one of the nation’s top “party schools.”

Christian author Jennie Allen shared on Instagram, “It’s happening again! FSU Baptisms! Hundreds maybe a thousand students came forward to trust Jesus. We can’t explain what’s happening apart from the Spirit.”

In another post, Allen wrote, “God keeps doing it!! They confessed their sin. They came forward in droves tonight to trust Jesus. We baptized hundreds in a fountain usually used for partying and worse. And it’s all just the beginning. It literally is everywhere I go right now. Revival is here. And there is no explaining it – when it’s God! #FSU #baptisms.”

A video attached to the post featured text reading, “4,500 Florida State University (one of the biggest party schools in the nation) students confessed struggles and sin tonight. Hundreds came forward to trust Christ. And this is them singing and dancing as they head to spontaneous baptisms.”

One parent of a student attending the university responded to the post, saying, “My daughter was one of the students who was baptized in the fountain that night after the conference! Praise God!!!”

Those baptized had the opportunity to connect with local churches, a student explained. “Hello! I was one of the students there last night! One thing I thought was BEAUTIFUL about unite was the emphasis on FINDING A CHURCH HOME! They had tables outside with college groups from many local churches and asked everyone to fill out information to get connected! We want these souls on fire to get plugged in.”

The spontaneous baptisms were the result of an event by Unite US, an organization that “exists to see college students gathered to lift the name of Jesus.”

Unite US launched in Auburn, Alabama, after hundreds of students partook in an impromptu baptism at Auburn University.

Following the Auburn event, Allen told CBN News, “It was such a move of God. I’ve been a part of moments like that in the past, specifically with Gen Z, and I want to say that because there is something very special happening right now, I believe, in their hearts. I think they are, they are hungry for God and they want God in a very real way. This is not manufactured.”

The spontaneous baptism is the latest in a string of spiritual moves across U.S. universities.

In February 2023, Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky experienced what has been considered a revival after students refused to leave following a chapel service.

Students participated in around-the-clock prayer services, accompanied by worship music, personal testimonies, altar calls, and religious conversions.

The revival drew interest from believers around the world, with some flying in from places as far as New Zealand and Singapore to experience the Holy Spirit’s presence.

A Christian university in Ohio also saw spontaneous prayer and worship among its student body days after Asbury University’s revival.

Cedarville University President Thomas White described the event as “a special outpouring and sensing of the presence of the Lord.”

Last year, Baylor University in Waco, Texas held 72 hours of continuous prayer and worship, leading to the baptisms of 20 people.