Hit Children’s Show ‘Peppa Pig’ Pushes LGBTQ ‘Pride’ Ideology

Originally published June 7, 2023 4:00 pm PDT

Creators of the popular children’s show “Peppa Pig” is facing backlash after its social media profile wished its fans a “Happy Pride Month.”

  • Hit British children’s television show “Peppa Pig” has drawn criticism after wishing its viewers a “Happy Pride Month.”
  • “Happy Pride Month. Here’s to celebrating love,” the show’s social media account posted, with an image of the cartoon characters standing in front of a rainbow with the words “Happy Pride.”
  • Critics took to Twitter to comment on the move, claiming the show was trying to “brainwash” children.
  • “Why are you doing this??? You’re a wonderful children’s show and you’re ruining all that good will!” one user wrote.
  • “Officially done with you in my home. Sick groomers,” another said.

“On Christmas you posted Happy Holidays in fear of offending but you have no problem posting for Pride. Do you think more of your audience celebrates Christmas or Pride? Unfollow,” @realnicolelizabeth wrote.

  • Last month, retail giant Kohl’s introduced a range of merchandise as part of its “pride month” collection for young children.
  • The items, which triggered backlash, included LGBT-themed onesies designed for infants and a rainbow-colored tutu, among other products bearing the slogan “Love is Love,” as outlined on the company’s website.
  • The controversy intensified as social media users began sharing more from Kohl’s pride collection, including a “Baby Sonoma Community Pride Bodysuit set” specifically tailored for 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month-old infants.
  • Around the same time, Target faced widespread boycott over its “Pride” collection featuring apparel and books for children and babies.
  • The store now sells onesies and children’s shirts with the phrase “Just Be You And Feel The Love” and rainbow-colored items.
  • Bibs feature LGBTQ concepts, with some reading, “I Am Proud Of You Always.”