GOP Raises Concerns Over Biden’s Frivolous Environmental Justice Funding Expenditures

President Biden’s allocation of millions in environmental justice funding from COVID-19 relief is drawing scrutiny, with congressional documents obtained by The Washington Times revealing substantial spending on staff salaries, benefits, and unconventional items.

An investigation cited in a report by the Republican minority staff of the Senate Budget Committee uncovered diverse expenditures, including a rap song for elementary school students, paid vacations, Timberland boots, and catered meals.

Republicans argue that these allocations reflect the administration’s channeling of taxpayer money to bolster left-leaning groups under the guise of addressing environmental and public health issues.

For instance, the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation dedicated over 90% of its funds, primarily for staffing costs and indirect expenses, with a fraction for supplies. Similarly, BikeWalkKC used its grant entirely for administrative expenses and subcontracting, aiming to study the impacts of a free bus system.

Meanwhile, Atlanta-based Metro Community Ministries declined to disclose expenses associated with youth advocacy programs, including a rap song and educational materials on clean water and pollution reduction.

In Philadelphia, the Energy Coordinating Agency provided workforce training in underserved communities, including purchases like Timberland boots and catered meals.

The EPA, responding to inquiries, emphasized the program’s broad support for communities addressing health disparities due to pollution and the pandemic, noting partnerships with local entities.

Senator Grassley’s request for Inspector General Sean O’Donnell to investigate the EPA’s handling of oversight and fund usage prompted assurances of audits. Concerns persist among congressional Republicans about tracking funds dispersed through the Inflation Reduction Act for environmental justice initiatives.

The EPA’s limited accounting practices, which only track funds spent rather than how they are spent, further fuel calls for transparency and accountability.

“Correcting course and ensuring appropriate oversight of taxpayer dollars is paramount,” said Senator Grassley, underscoring the need for clarity in future fund administration.