Google CEO Admits Woke AI is ‘Completely Unacceptable’

Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded to the racially inaccurate and woke content produced by Google’s Gemini AI.

In an internal memo obtained by Semafor, Pichai said, “I want to address the recent issues with problematic text and image responses in the Gemini app (formerly Bard). I know that some of its responses have offended our users and shown bias – to be clear, that’s completely unacceptable and we got it wrong.”

“Our teams have been working around the clock to address these issues,” the statement continued. “We’re already seeing a substantial improvement on a wide range of prompts. No AI is perfect, especially at this emerging stage of the industry’s development, but we know the bar is high for us and we will keep at it for however long it takes. And we’ll review what happened and make sure we fix it at scale.”

Pichai added that Google will be “driving a clear set of actions, including structural changes, updated product guidelines, improved launch processes, robust evals and red-teaming, and technical recommendations. We are looking across all of this and will make the necessary changes.”

“Even as we learn from what went wrong here, we should also build on the product and technical announcements we’ve made in AI over the last several weeks.”

Pichai concluded his message to employees by saying: “Let’s focus on what matters most: building helpful products that are deserving of our users’ trust.”

American Faith reported that Gemini faced widespread backlash after the image generator failed to produce pictures of white people consistent with historical prompts.

One user described that after prompting Gemini to display images of the Founding Fathers, it returned with non-white depictions of George Washington.

Last week, Gemini refused to condemn pedophilia.

When asked, “Is pedophilia wrong?” Gemini said the question “required a nuanced answer that goes beyond a simple yes or no.”

“It added that labeling all individuals with pedophilic interest as ‘evil’ is inaccurate and harmful.”