Gingrich Accuses Biden of Treason, Siding with America’s Enemies

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) accused President Joe Biden of siding with America’s enemies and suggested he should be tried for treason during an appearance on Hannity Monday night.

Gingrich’s comments followed nationwide protests against Israel’s actions in Gaza, where he drew a comparison to historical events, stating, “We should go back and learn the lessons of the 1930s. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was faced with a Nazi effort inside the United States. They locked people up. I believe, frankly, we should say, ‘If you are for the victory of Iran, if you want to scream death to America, we are deporting you. If you’re an American, we’re going to try you for treason.'”

He further claimed that President Biden consistently supports America’s adversaries, alleging, “On every front, Joe Biden is on the side of the people who hate America.”

These remarks came during a discussion about recent protests and America’s foreign policy approach under the Biden administration.