German Nurse Injected Saline Solution Instead of COVID Vax Walks Free in Court

An anti-COVID vaccine nurse in Germany who injected about 8,600 elderly patients with a saline solution rather than the coronavirus vaccine was let go in court Wednesday.

  • A German nurse who administered saline solutions instead of COVID-19 shots at a vaccine center in the country walked free in court this week.
  • Antje, a Red Cross nurse in the northwest region of Germany, was given just six months probation, but found guilty of six counts of intentional assault by Oldenburg District Court, Lower Saxony state.
  • The 39-year-old openly posted her skepticism of the COVID vaccines on her social media pages, which the court deemed to be “conspiracy theories.”
  • The nurse injected up to 8,600 elderly patients, mainly hospital employees, educators and doctors, in March and April 2021 and was ultimately reported by another employee who saw her using the saline solution.
  • Antje was initially charged with 15 counts of intentional assault in November 2022, but nine were dropped due to no substantial evidence.

“‘The accused had shared various conspiracy theories on the Internet and on social media,” Toelle said. “However, the chamber could not determine with the necessary certainty that this set of ideas was the motive for her actions and that she then acted to sabotage a vaccination campaign.”

  • In November 2021, Germany announced it was experiencing its largest surge in COVID cases, despite reaching a vaccination status higher than the United States.
  • Around the same time, then-German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would enforce tighter restrictions for the unvaccinated in order to “tackle” the spike in the country.
  • In certain regions that experienced more cases and hospitalizations due to the virus, only the vaccinated were allowed in restaurants and sporting venues.