George Soros Shares Plan to Block the Sun to ‘Repair the Climate System’

Technology creating clouds would reflect the sun away from warming areas.

  • Globalist George Soros shared his plan during the Munich Security Conference to “repair the climate system.”
  • “The melting of the Greenland ice sheet would increase the level of the oceans by seven meters,” Soros claimed. “That poses a threat to the survival of our civilization. I wasn’t willing to accept that fate, so I tried to find out whether anything could be done to avoid it.”
  • Soros described being “directed to Sir David King, a climate scientist who had been chief scientific advisor to previous British governments” and supports the creation of technology that would create clouds reflecting the sun away from areas at risk of climate change.
  • King’s plan to repair the climate system “could help restabilize the Arctic climate system which governs the entire global climate system,” according to Soros.
  • The plan is based on the idea that the Arctic Circle “used to be sealed off from the rest of the world by winds that blew in a predictable, circular, counter-clockwise direction, but man-made climate change broke this isolation.”
  • “Unless we change the way, we deal with climate change, our civilization will be thoroughly disrupted by rising temperatures that will make large parts of the world practically unlivable,” Soros said.
  • Over a dozen scientists published an article stating the increased call for solar geoengineering technology is “cause for alarm.”
  • “In short, the deployment of solar geoengineering at planetary scale would require entirely new international organizations with convincing means of democratic control and unprecedented enforcement powers,” the scientists wrote.
  • The scientists then called for the development of an International Non-Use Agreement on Solar Geoengineering, which would be “timely, feasible, and effective” in preventing the “normalization and development of a risky and poorly understood set of technologies that seek to intentionally manage incoming sunlight at planetary scale, and it would do so without restricting legitimate climate research.”
  • According to Down To Earth, geoengineering alters an ecosystem’s “self-regulation,” affecting rainfall patterns that could damage a community’s water supplies.
  • The technology may also “disrupt the monsoons in Asia and increase droughts, particularly in Africa, endangering food and water sources for two billion people,” Down to Earth continued.
  • Geoengineering also risks damaging wildlife populations if animals cannot adapt to changing conditions.
  • American Faith reported that startup company Make Sunsets launched weather balloons containing reflective sulfur particles into the stratosphere to block sunlight.
  • “To go ahead with implementation at this stage is a very bad idea,” said executive director of the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative Janos Pasztor.
  • Similar technology is being researched by the Biden administration in an effort to combat “global warming.”