Former Space Force Commander Fired for Criticizing DEI Efforts

Former Space Force Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier was removed from his position after he criticized diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts.

He revealed before the House in a hearing that he was fired for “writing a book trying to reverse the trend of the overt politicization of the uniformed services.”

“Specifically, I criticize the military’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion trainings which at my own base, were illegally occurring despite an executive order from the commander in chief,” he explained. “The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industry is steeped in critical race theory and is rooted in anti-American Marxist ideology. I watched DEI trainings divide our troops ideologically and in some cases sow the seeds of animosity toward the very country they had sworn an oath to defend.”

Prior to promoting his book, he “submitted a formal written complaint to the Space Force Inspector General’s Office detailing that such violations were occurring including illegal race-based discrimination, but [his] complaint was never investigated, and it was later dismissed by then-Lieutenant General Stephen Whiting in the Senate, whom the Senate just confirmed for his fourth star.”

He later received a “written dismissal of [his] complaint from General Whiting personally,” Lohmeier noted.

Explaining that “Pentagon officials requested $140 million to expand work diversity initiatives in fiscal year 2024,” Lohmeier said that “[t]here are a few things taxpayers such as myself feel less essential to the mission of the United States military than expanding diversity mandates and indoctrination.”

“And now an important point. Such aggressively opposed ideological worldviews, competing for institutionalization through policy epitomizes and formalizes what is properly termed a culture war. The fact that these debates now infect the US military workplace is an offense to people like me, who love their country and all people regardless of their race, gender, sexual preference or background.”

American Faith shared former Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf’s conversation with “Just the News, No Noise,” where he expressed his concerns with the U.S. military.

Although he has “great confidence in our fighting men and women,” Wolf said U.S. troops are plagued with “woke” teachings.”

“I’ve seen over the last two and a half years or more, what they’ve done to the U.S. military and degrading physical standards, going woke in their teachings there in the Pentagon and elsewhere. That gives me great concern,” he shared with the TV show.