Former President Trump’s Truth Social Rant Takes Aim at ABC, Newsom

Former President Donald Trump launched a combative social media tirade on his Truth Social platform, targeting various topics including the departure of ABC News President Kim Godwin. 

Trump celebrated Godwin’s resignation, suggesting it was linked to what he perceived as biased reporting against him. In a post to his followers, Trump wrote, “Happy to report that Kim Godwin, Head of ABC, has resigned. Could it be the unfair reporting on EVERYTHING TRUMP? In any event, GOOD RIDDANCE! Hopefully, somebody else will be able to control George Stephanopoulos and the rest of the Fake News Thugs over at ABC? Best wishes Kim!”

Trump’s animosity toward Stephanopoulos stems from a reported incident following a 2016 interview where Trump allegedly berated Stephanopoulos for questions about Russia.

Amid his online outburst, Trump also highlighted his ongoing legal battle, known as the hush money trial, and shared sentiments from friends who expressed dissatisfaction with the proceedings.

Later in his social media rant, Trump turned his attention to California Governor Gavin Newsom, criticizing his leadership and stance on reproductive rights. Trump accused Newsom of failing California and claimed Republicans were the leaders on in vitro fertilization (IVF), asserting that states should have autonomy over abortion regulations.

Trump’s remarks underscored his ongoing engagement in political discourse despite no longer holding public office.