Former Aide Criticizes Melania Trump’s Women’s Day Message

Former first lady Melania Trump’s International Women’s Day post on social media drew criticism on Friday from her former friend and aide, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

Winston Wolkoff served as “a special government employee” to Melania early in Donald Trump’s presidency. However, in February 2018, Melania severed ties with her aide after reports emerged that Winston Wolkoff’s event planning company, WIS Media Partners, received $26 million to assist in coordinating Trump’s inauguration.

In her 2020 “tell-all” book titled “Melania and Me,” Winston Wolkoff claimed she resigned because she felt scapegoated by the Trump administration. She has also refuted allegations that she personally received $26 million.

On Friday, the former first lady posted on X, formerly Twitter: “On #InternationalWomensDay we celebrate extraordinary women & girls who defy expectations, shatter barriers, uphold distinction & leave a lasting impact. I applaud those who exhibit courage, stand firm in their beliefs, & strive for excellence. Let us remember that true greatness lies in embracing our unique selves & staying true to our values.”

In response, Winston Wolkoff replied to Melania’s post, stating: “A Woman who betrays other Women is not a Woman who Cares about or Celebrates Women.” She also attached audio allegedly from a conversation between herself and Melania, adding: “Listen to Melania Trump tell ME I was lucky they only lied and defamed me and that nothing worse happened.”

In the recording, Melania allegedly said: “Don’t be so dramatic because you were not fired. This came to that because it’s politics and we cannot do anything about it. They will go after everybody and anything and if you stay here, they will even go maybe further down.”