Equinox Bars Journalist James O’Keefe After Confrontation

Journalist James O’Keefe of OMG Media revealed on Thursday that he has been permanently banned from Equinox gyms nationwide.

The ban follows O’Keefe’s release of a video on Wednesday, where he confronted New York Judge Arthur Engoron at the Equinox gym in Great Neck, Long Island. Allegations had surfaced that the judge behaved inappropriately towards girls at the gym.

Engoron is the New York judge who imposed a $354 million fine in the civil fraud case against Donald Trump brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“I’ve been banned from Equinox for Life. They were really excited to tell me that,” O’Keefe mentioned on X. He shared a video that included a phone conversation with an Equinox gym employee.

“This is Equinox at Great Neck calling. I just want to let you know, going forward, you are officially house-canceled from ever joining any Equinox going forward in the future, okay?” the employee informed O’Keefe.

“Why is that?” O’Keefe inquired, to which the employee replied vaguely, “Just because. You have been officially house-canceled, so please do not inquire any Equinox going forward. You will not be allowed to rejoin at any time.”

When O’Keefe pressed for a reason, the employee refused to provide one but confirmed that they had seen OMG Media’s video published the previous day.

In the video, O’Keefe approaches Judge Engoron at the gym, expressing admiration for him. The judge, not recognizing O’Keefe, responds briefly, mentioning the criticism he has faced and receiving “lots of hate mail.”

Anonymous sources in the video alleged that Engoron behaved inappropriately toward young women at the gym, which O’Keefe did not address with the judge during their encounter. However, O’Keefe encouraged women who may have experienced discomfort to come forward.

In a conversation with an Equinox staff member, O’Keefe raised concerns about Engoron’s behavior toward women at the gym. The employee responded ambiguously, indicating that such decisions were not up to O’Keefe.

The exchange concluded with the staff member acknowledging the video’s online traction but declining further discussion.