Democrats Oppose Move to Remove House Speaker Amidst Ukraine Aid Dispute

Democrats are unlikely to support the resignation of House Speaker Mike Johnson if a vote is called, according to Democrat Jared Moskowitz.

Moskowitz stated that Democrats would be inclined to prevent Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from orchestrating a scenario where she could remove the Speaker through a vote.

“The idea of allowing her to preside over the House, standing at the dais, initiating a motion to remove the Speaker and having that dramatic moment. There’s simply no way Democrats are going to permit that. I won’t allow it,” Moskowitz asserted.

Moskowitz particularly criticizes Greene for her “isolationist foreign policy” that he believes would lead to disastrous consequences.

The recent push for Johnson’s resignation stems from Greene’s accusations that Johnson betrayed Republican voters by supporting aid to Ukraine. Greene threatened to call for a vote to remove the Speaker if he did not step down personally.