Dad Goes Viral At School Board Meeting Over CRT: Watch Video

North Carolina man has gone viral after a video was posted of him criticizing Critical Race Theory at a school board meeting.

  • Brian Echevarria, a business owner and father in North Carolina attended a Cabarrus County School Board meeting on Feb. 14 where he proclaimed that parents were “taking back the wheel” in education, Fox News reported.
  • Echevarria, who described himself as “bi-racial, bilingual and multicultural” is running for North Carolina General Assembly and called CRT a “discrimination revolution” across the country.
  • He said he doesn’t believe any school administrators or curriculum should be allowed to call him or his children “oppressed” based on their skin color.

“The fact is, in America, I can do anything I want and I teach that to my children, and the person who tells my pecan-color skins that they’re oppressed based on the color of their skin would be absolutely wrong and absolutely at war with me.”

  • Last week, the Cabarrus County School Board voted for optional masks in schools following backlash from parents. The board agreed to a resolution ensuring nondiscrimination in the district following the CRT tension last year.
  • “The community, I think we recognize, now the political juice has been sucked out of the mask distraction, that we have to move forward,” Echevarria said in the hearing. “CRT, all of that, the parents don’t want it. It’s a big fat lie.”