Children’s Hospital Ends Gender Treatments in Texas

Seattle Children’s Hospital has ended its gender transition surgeries and treatments for minors in Texas.

The move follows Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton calling for the hospital to submit records relating to its gender-affirming care.

In September, Texas enacted a law that prohibits the administration of cross-sex hormones and other efforts aiding in gender transitions for minors.

“Seattle Children’s Hospital appeared to break Texas law and initially tried to evade accountability when investigated,” Paxton said in a press release. “When we merely began asking questions, they decided to leave the State of Texas and forfeit the opportunity to do business here. Let this make our position clear: medical providers in Texas must abide by our laws. In Texas, we vigorously protect children from damaging, experimental ‘gender transition’ treatments that can have life-altering negative consequences.”

Paxton similarly wrote on X, “Gender transitioning minors is child abuse. Child abuse will not be tolerated on my watch.”

Following the hospital’s decision to “voluntarily withdraw” from Texas, according to the agreement, Paxton withdrew his request for the hospital’s records.

A Seattle Children’s spokesperson told The New York Post, “Protecting the privacy of all Seattle Children’s patients is our top priority. The Texas Attorney General rightfully withdrew their request to access confidential patient information,” adding, “This action ensures the private details of our patients’ health care remains solely between patients and families and their provider team.”