California Gas Prices Soar, Exceeding $7 at Some Stations

Gas prices in California and the Bay Area are reaching alarming heights, with reports of some gas stations displaying prices exceeding $7 per gallon for regular gasoline.

The current national median gasoline price stands at around $3.66 per gallon. However, California’s average price has surged to $5.39, according to AAA.

In Central California, prices have surpassed $5 per gallon, with Merced experiencing a significant increase to $5.10. This spike is typical during the spring season due to increased travel, refinery maintenance, and the transition to more costly “summer blend” gasoline.

Experts attribute California’s particularly high prices to the state’s early mandate to switch to summer blends, ahead of many other states.

Here’s a breakdown of gas prices in the Bay Area:

  • Napa: $5.71
  • San Francisco: $5.66
  • Oakland: $5.55
  • San Jose: $5.51

As we approach the summer driving season, commuters and vehicle owners should be prepared for these elevated fuel costs. The statewide average in California has jumped from $4.98 a month ago to $5.42 currently, significantly higher than the national average.