Brit Hume Remarks on Biden’s Senility, Voter Concerns

Longtime news commentator and analyst Brit Hume suggested that even American voters are now recognizing Joe Biden’s perceived level of senility.

“Biden has a long record of mental and verbal stumbles and bumbles and mistakes,” Hume remarked during Tuesday’s Super Tuesday primaries, where Biden lost one of the Democrat races to an unknown outsider.

During a discussion, Hume reflected on Biden’s performance, stating, “I have always thought the age and acuity issue was a ticking time bomb. I was saying when it was not at all fashionable to say it that he was senile.”

“Now I think he is palpably senile and the country sees it,” Hume continued. “And one of his challenges on Thursday night, Bret, would be whether he can assuage the concerns of those even within his own party, who think and say that he is too old for the job.”

Hume’s observations come amid growing concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities, with vast numbers of voters, sometimes as high as 80%, expressing in polls that Biden is too old for the office he holds.

Amidst discussions, Anchor Bret Baier noted, “Last thing just going back to tonight if you thought back a year ago, even six months ago that we would be here looking at the poll numbers we are looking at Independents trending toward President Trump on a number of issues. Would you have believed that?”