Brazilian Conservatives Call For International Investigation Over Alleged Election Fraud

The Brazilian Conservative League in Europe presented their findings in court, asking for an international investigation into apparent election manipulation and abuse.

  • Conservatives in Brazil have called for an international investigation looking into alleged manipulation and fraud in the country’s elections.
  • Samia Sittel-Faraj, Chairperson of the “Liga Conservadora Brasil-Europa,” voiced her concern over the future of democracy in Brazil and the influence of left-wing mainstream media outlets in a meeting with South America expert Beatrix von Storch.
  • “The mainstream media’s refusal to report on the millions of pro-democracy protesters in Brazil is a danger to free speech, and to democracy itself,” von Storch said.
  • Sittel-Faraj presented von Storch with the “Berlin Charter,” documentation of voter suppression and election fraud carried out by the Superior Electoral Court in Brazil.
  • The Chairperson argued that the country’s government had participated in “suppression of freedom of speech” and “unlawful delegation of powers to fact-checking agencies – mainly left-wing ones, with bogus arguments, with the spurious aim of removing content and profiles from conservative social networks.”

“Punishing ‘opinion crimes,’ a crime that does not exist in Brazilian criminal law, bypassing the jurisdiction of Congress,” the documentation states.

  • Last month, military leaders in Brazil reportedly planned to release information regarding the corruption of the election.
  • The information was believed to show that the election was stolen from Jair Bolsonaro, who was opposed by globalists in the nation’s government.
  • One report indicated that the military audit of the election would show dozens of boxes of ballots that had no votes for Bolsonaro in them.
  • The military’s involvement followed widespread protests by Brazilians who believed their election was stolen by corrupt government officials.