‘Brandon Falls’: Google Maps Names Location Where Biden Fell Off Bike

The ‘historical landmark’ in Delaware boasts 5-star reviews.

  • A conservative Twitter user by the name of “Old Row” has placed a non-official historical landmark on Google Maps where Biden fell off his bike.
  • The name “Brandon Falls” is derived from “Let’s go Brandon,” a derogatory slogan against Joe Biden originating from Nascar fans that has since taken the internet by storm.
  • At the time of writing, the attraction has 112 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.
  • The location is used for “Bidening,” or mocking the numerous failures of Biden’s administration.
  • Reviewers make light of the landmark by ridiculing Biden’s administration, such as calling the location “drag queen friendly, not kid friendly,” or “slippery when dry for Joe.”
  • One review pokes fun at Biden’s speech linguistics, stating, “I remember where I was when Brandon the, um, you know, the thing. It was magical, I will never remember it.”
  • Many visitors have recreated the moment in a display of Bidening.
  • Biden fell off his bike in June after getting caught in a toe clip.
  • The internet has replayed the moment countless times since the incident, adding it to the repertoire of questionable Biden events.
  • Biden has a history of tripping on the stairs of Air Force One, the most recent being June 8.
  • The president currently carries a historically-low 29% approval rate, with senility and inflation being prominent factors in this statistic.