BlackRock Is a ‘Climate Cartel’: Sen. Tom Cotton

“One reason you don’t see that increase production [of gas] is because oil and gas companies are being targeted by this climate cartel,” said Cotton.

  • Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) made an appearance on CNBC to discuss his letter to the globalist investment firm BlackRock and its policies regarding ESG.
  • ESG is a series of standards that evaluates a company’s behavior within the criterion of “Environment, Social, and Governance” (ESG) that allows a corporation to determine a potential investment in that company.
  • The “climate action partnership” between corporations and fuel companies, Cotton described, “[suppresses] investment in the fossil fuel industry in America,” contributing to the price of gas despite its high demand.
  • “It’s not simply that they’re trying to invest in so-called ‘green technology,'” Senator Cotton said in the interview, “it’s that they are trying to withhold capital, trying to deny access to the equity and the debt markets to these fossil fuel companies.”
  • Senator Cotton stated in his letter that “BlackRock is an ‘investor participant’ in Climate Action 100+ (‘CA100+’), ‘an investor-led initiative’ to pressure ‘the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters [to] take necessary action on climate change’ like, for example, pressuring oil companies to drill for less oil.”
  • These actions potentially violate antitrust laws by “[restricting] the supply of fossil fuels and [imposing] various other unlawful restraints on trade” for the sake of supposed climate activism.
  • Read the full letter here:
  • BlackRock advocates for stakeholder capitalism, where corporate decisions are catered toward the stakeholders in a company, such as other businesses and governments, and has been pushed by WEF founder Klaus Schwab for its pro-global-economy stance.
  • BlackRock is also a member of the Climate Finance Partnership for energy transitioning, a staunch leftist agenda that seeks to lower carbon emissions and develop climate-safe infrastructure, as reported by American Faith.